Want to be a 6-figure business owner? Stop making reels.

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Reels aren’t making you sales and they could be turning clients AWAY.

Put yourself in your dream clients shoes: When you see people dancing and joking to the latest reel sound you’ve seen 10 times in the past half an hour, does that inspire you? Or does it just make you think “ugh” and want to put your phone down completely?

If you had to pay to watch that reel or the advice/feeling it left you with, would you?

If you answered no, then that means there’s a massive issue with that content and it’s doing the opposite of what you want.

For me, whenever I see somebody hopping on the latest trend to try and get a ‘viral’ reel it just proves to me that they’re desperate and aren’t finding organic success. It shows me that they aren’t making sales, and then that leaves me questioning the authenticity of their product.

You might hear friends or other business owners say their reels have increased their sales like nothing else… But it has nothing to do with them “showing up consistently” or “beating the algorithm”.

Reels that convert clients aren’t making money because of their reach. They’re winning clients because the algorithm put that content in front of a group of people who found value in it and clicked onto your website to find more.

The key is valuable content that leads dream clients to your point of sale – your website – where you hook them and give them a solution to what they’re looking for.

Olive Bloom Showit Website Template

If you’re caught in the reels trap – Break it by putting your time back in where it counts. The hour you spent making that reel that only got 1000 plays could have been spent on optimizing your website, new marketing, a funnel, organic outreach or improving your CRM that actually WILL increase your sales. Time is never an optimal trade-off when it comes to business!

Bookmark this page to be reminded every time the “haven’t posted a reel this week!“ mindset comes creeping in…

What would your 6-figure CEO you be doing instead? 💭

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