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You can live chat with Showit directly inside of the Design app from the chat icon on the bottom right. 

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If your website is down, let Showit asap. This feature is available for subscribers only.

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Template Question

Whether you have a question before or after purchase, I am here to help you with your template.

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If you copy the code from the PDF and receive an error message, remove any extra spaces in between the code or manually type in the site key

Help! My Showit site key says "there was no design found with that key"




Most of the time additional font licensing is required. I always choose affordable fonts with your budget in mind! Please find any font licensing links on the top of the product page in the description. 

Are the fonts free, do I need a license? Where do I get the license?

Theme customization is great if you just don't want to deal with customizing the template on your own.  After you purchase your template, you can choose to hire from a handpicked list of trusted Superhero Showit design partners to help you set up your template & skip the overwhelm.

Can you customize my website template for me?

Please view my video tutorials about how to use the Showit templates. I offer tons of bite sized tutorials that walk you through how to customize the template yourself.

How  do I do change "XYZ..." in my website template?


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