5 Red Flags that your clients are noticing & how to fix them

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These Brand turn-offs are doing you zero favors and your audience are noticing all of them… Trust me 🔻

If nothing ever seems to work and you aren’t seeing results in your sales or conversions… These might be why.

✨You never direct your audience to your website

Having a website gives you so much credibility and is a massive part of the customer journey. It’s the best tool you can use to tell your story in a way you’re proud of and create an experience for your client that you have complete control over… It’s like your home! Not directing your audience there doesn’t only impact sales, but can leave your clients thinking “What is she hiding?”

✨Your projects are inconsistent

If your clients and designs are all over the place, it shows that you aren’t working with dream clients and are taking on all the work you can get — your dream clients won’t want to work with anybidy who seems desperate if they want to align themselves with other successful women!

Niche down, and focus on only taking on clients who align with what your dream business looks like. You’ll be happier and your dream clients will feel like they belong in your world!

✨You don’t have personal branding

Not only is it hard to capture potential clients if they can’t find things in your brand to connect to, but it highlights insecurity. People want to invest in confidence. If you don’t value your uniqueness, how can you expect anybody else to?

✨You pour all your time into social media

Because social media is a free platform, everybody is doing it. It’s harder to stand out, and it devalues your offers (luxury clients aren’t finding people to invest in from Instagram!)

Not having a website or focusing all your energy into free services hints that you don’t have money to invest, which makes your clients think you aren’t making sales and therefore your product isn’t a good investment.

💭 My tip to fixing these things?

Build a well-balanced customer experience with consistent branding across social media AND a website.

Create, nurture and guide connections to a point of sale that highlights how amazing you are, and watch success pour in!

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