Are you confused about the differences between WIX & Showit?

I highly recommend both for different reasons. It really depends on your needs & preferences and what your business goals are. Both website builders are drag & drop and are user friendly for non-designers. If you are looking to create a website for your photography business, Wix and Showit are both good options. If you are having trouble finding the one that’s right for you, here is some information that will help you make an educated decision. 

Keep reading to find out all the details and comparisons between the two.

What is Wix?

Like Showit, Wix is a website making platform with drag and drop technology. It is similar to Showit in many ways, but Showit offers advantages that make it a smart choice. Read on for insight on how the two match up. 

1. Ease of Use

I find Showit to be slightly more time consuming and has more of a learning curve than WIX. WIX you can just jump right in and it is more intuitive. That being said, Showit is way easier to use than other  website builders like Squarespace or WordPress, just not quite as easy as WIX. So if you are very tight on time, just stop here and choose WIX. When comparing the technical set up of websites on each platform, Showit comes out on top.  They provide migration tools to users coming from Squarespace and WordPress. They also offer tech support in an in-app chat. 

2. Design & Customization

Showit is more customizable when it comes to how the website looks in all aspects, the blog & shop is where it mostly stands out. WIX is limited with what you can do with the design of the blog and the shop, where as Showit is not. Also WIX limits the width of certain graphics from going to the right of the page where Showit does not. That being said, you can make a WIX website look absolutely stunning.

3. Add-ons Integration

Showit wins because they integrate with all the WordPress plugins and as you probably know there are tons of WordPress plugins. WIX is an all-in-one platform so all the add-ons are WIX add-ons that you can use mostly without having to embed code, etc. So Showit has more, but it is more time consuming in Showit to add more. So it really is  almost a tie, just what is more important to you.

4. E-commerce

Well WIX is the clear winner here because Showit doesn’t have e-commerce. WIX has a robus e-commerce shop that is already built into their system. With Showit you have to link outside to an external cart or embed Shopify lite which costs more $$.

5. SEO Capabilities

OK so there is nothing wrong with WIX SEO and they do a really good job. You just can’t  complete with WordPress though and Showit integrates with WordPress so Showit wins.

6. Blogging

Same reason Showit wins again, you can customize & integrate lots of features into the blog because it is connected to WordPress. When you set up your showit site, just chat with the Showit team and tell them you want a blog. They set it up on their system for you totally free and integrate it for you. So it really is a breeze to set up. WIX blog is just OK, so if you are super into blogging I would choose Showit.

7. Pricing

These are really similar, the only reason WIX wins is because you will not have to use any add-on services ever like Shopify lite if you want to have an e-commerce site.

8. Customer Support

In addition to accessing an in-app chat, customers can also get Showit tech support via email. The customer support team is experienced in dealing with issues creative often face during set up and updates. They have the insight needed to get the best results possible. 

Showit also offers a Facebook support community. Users can reach out to get their questions answered by others in the group. They can also collaborate and become inspired by other members. 

Wix provides phone and email support, but its highest level of support comes at a premium. And because the Wix sites don’t cater to creatives only, they are not as specialized in meeting the needs of a photographer customer base. 


Both platforms are totally awesome and easy to use. It really depends on your needs!


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Are you ready to sell your products with Showit, but not quite sure which Ecommerce platform connects? I’m Melissa of superhero design and I hope ambitious women build bold Brands online – let’s get started! 

The easiest and most inexpensive way to sell products on your website is going to be with Shopify. Now when you go to their plans, you don’t want the basic plan, you just scroll down and the plan that you want is only $5 a month and it’s called the starter plan.

So go ahead and sign up for that starter plan and create some products in your shop. I’m going to jump ahead like you’ve already done that. Click on apps and sales channel settings and the thing that you want to add is called the buy button. Go to Shopify App Store to search for the “buy button”, to click on it click on ADD sales Channel.

Great so now that it’s added you’re going to click on create a buy button. 

Click on “add product buy button” and go ahead and choose one of your products. Again make sure that you have some products set up already and Shopify.

On the left hand side you will see a menu – this is where you customize your buy button styles & layouts. Once you have this customized the way you want, click next. You will see a snippet of code in a box.  Copy the code and then paste it into a blank embed box in your showit website template page. You can find the blank embed box on the bottom of your editor. It is the middle rectangle – click “embed code” double click on the box  and paste in the code that you just copied.

So now you have your product inside of your showit website template. You can resize it the way that you want to be on the page and just make sure you have enough space in the box and then also make sure that you do your mobile as well.

 Once this is all size the way that you want, click publish and you now have a shop & checkout live your Showit website template. Be sure to watch the video to follow along with this tutorial as well.

Showit and Squarespace are both popular website builders, but they have different strengths and features.

Here are some reasons why Showit is considered better than Squarespace for photographers:

  • Drag-and-Drop Flexibility: Showit provides a powerful drag-and-drop interface that allows photographers to create highly customized websites without any coding knowledge. You have complete control over the layout, design, and placement of elements, giving you the freedom to create a unique website that truly reflects your style and brand.
  • WordPress Integration: Showit integrates seamlessly with WordPress, which means you can leverage the powerful blogging capabilities of WordPress while still benefiting from Showit’s design flexibility. This combination allows photographers to have a visually stunning website with a robust blogging platform.
  • Design Freedom: Showit offers complete design freedom, allowing you to create a website that matches your artistic vision perfectly. You can create unique page designs, galleries, and portfolios that truly showcase your photography in a visually stunning way. Squarespace, on the other hand, has predefined templates with limited customization options.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Showit excels in mobile responsiveness, ensuring that your website looks great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. With Showit, you have complete control over the mobile version of your website, allowing you to create a tailored and optimized experience for mobile users.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Showit provides a collaborative workflow, allowing photographers to work with designers or teams easily. You can grant access to specific sections of your website and collaborate on design changes without sharing your entire account credentials.
  • SEO-Friendly: Showit allows you to optimize your website for search engines. You can customize page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, alt tags, and more to improve your website’s visibility and search engine rankings. Squarespace also offers basic SEO features, but Showit provides more flexibility in optimizing your website for better search engine performance.

It’s important to note that both Showit and Squarespace have their own merits, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Consider trying out demos or free trials of both platforms to determine which one aligns better with your goals as a photographer.

So you’ve purchased a Showit website template – yay!  How in the world do you get it into your Showit account and start editing that website? 

Well don’t worry because I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in this tutorial!

If you are more of a “video person” like me, then just watch this video below. In fact you can find all of my tutorial videos here on my Youtube channel.

 My name is Melissa of Superhero Design and I help ambitious women launch bold brands online. Well let’s get to it! 

After you’ve purchased your Showit website template, you will most likely be provided with PDF or a document containing your site key.

This is what my PDF looks like that has my free Showit website template as a reference. If you would like a free Showit website template, please head over to this link.  

Follow these simple steps in order to add your purchased template to your Showit account and start editing your Showit website:

  • Go to your Showit account and make sure you are logged
  • Click on your name on the bottom left 
  • Click on create a new design 
  • Click on your designs tab 
  • Add design to library 
  • Paste in the key that you’ve been provided and click on enter 
  • Okay so it gives you a preview of the website 
  • Click on Add Now
  • Cick Close

Again this is my free website template that I offer so here’s a preview it’s successfully added so you click on clothes and then 

  • Select the image thumbnail of your Showit website template under the “your designs” tab
  • Click on start with this design 

So now you have created a website using your showit website template and that’s it!




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