Unveiling “The Roman Empire” Trend: A Marketing Wake-Up Call

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Discovering the Power of Relatability and the Art of Standing Out. In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing trends, one unexpected phenomenon has emerged – “The Roman Empire” trend. But what does this trend, unrelated to the historical period, teach us about marketing? As we delve into its nuances, we unravel the importance of relatability and the fine line between blending in and standing out.

The Deceptive Allure of Relatability

In our pursuit of uniqueness, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sharing commonplace interests. Expressing love for coffee, binge-watching cat videos, or dancing to Taylor Swift may inadvertently make us sound like everyone else. The quest to stand out can paradoxically lead to blending in, and this recipe is a surefire way to lose sales.

Embracing Quirks for Genuine Relatability

True relatability doesn’t come from trying too hard. With 9 billion people on the planet, there are undoubtedly others who share even the quirkiest interests. Rather than forcing relatability, the key is to let it happen organically.

Tips to achieve genuine relatability include:


Choose unique experiences from your daily life that others can easily connect with. Be the memorable brand associated with distinct, everyday occurrences. For example, “This offer will change your life… Like when I first realized the KFC man’s bow-tie looked like he had a tiny body with a massive head. Life. Changing.”


Invite engagement by sharing controversial yet light-hearted details. Encourage people to jump into your DMs, sparking connections. For instance, “Fun fact: Every year my friends put candles in a loaf of sourdough instead of a birthday cake. Team bread over cake, ALWAYS.”

Build a STORY

Storytelling is the heart of relatability. Dive into the details of your experiences to create narratives that resonate. For example, “My typical Monday morning ritual is either going into the shower, curling up and crying as the water washes over me like I’m in the music video for ‘All the Things She Said’ or singing ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ into a shampoo pretending like I’m Emma Stone depending on what my schedule looks like.”

In the vast sea of marketing strategies, “The Roman Empire” trend illuminates the essence of genuine relatability. Rather than forcefully trying to be relatable, let your unique experiences shine through. By making your content memorable, embracing controversy, and weaving compelling stories, you’ll create an authentic connection with your audience, standing out in a way that truly matters.

The key to establishing that soul-tie between you and your audience is finding something even more weird than the Roman Empire. A thought, idea or ritual that makes them think ‘For us to share this very niche thing, we MUST be soul sisters so I HAVE to find out how we’re similar in other ways, too!’

What’s your roman empire? That’s the secret sauce! ✨

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