How to design a wedding guide in Canva

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What does every single booked out wedding photographer have in common? Hint: it *isn’t* skill… πŸ’

The answer: They’ve built an unrivaled client experience that has couples, their friends and families coming back time and time again.

From conversations I’ve had with the thousands of photographers who invest in my templates I know this is a fact: Creating the best, smooth-flowing experience for clients is what’s going to get you booked out!

The easiest way to instantly upscale your client experience is with a killer, professional wedding guide that inspires future clients with confidence that you’re trustworthy and leaves them thinking β€œOk she’s the one!!β€œ β€” If you don’t have one and wondering why none of your inquiries translate to bookings, this could be why.

A great wedding guide/client experience solidifies these key things:

βœ”οΈ Ease: Your process is simple and won’t add stress to their wedding planning
βœ”οΈ Authority: Confidence and knowledge builds trust that you’re the most capable photographer for the job
βœ”οΈ Personality: Your branding shines and is aligned with your wedding, and they need your light in their life!!

In these slides you’ll find inspiration and tips for your own wedding guide, and I created them with REAL example pages from my Wedding Guide, Luna Rae!! It’s pre-written and loaded with cllient-converting content for you to customize.

When you buy the Luna Rae Canva pack, you get the full 30 page wedding guide, 50 Instagram Stories and 50 Post templates to build your dream wedding brand β€” All for only 59$.

And when you invest in the Luna Rae Showit website template, you have the option to add the Sales Page in the last slide to instantly upscale your client experience 🫢🏼

Explore all my best-selling Luna Rae templates for Photographers by tapping the shop link.

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