The Ultimate 2023 Gift Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

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Left your gift-buying to the last minute, but want to buy the entrepreneur in your life an intentional present they’ll remember forever? If you’re stuck or on a budget, this gift guide is for you!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably reading this because you’ve been franticallly googling ‘Best last minute Christmas gifts for friends’ for the past hour, and you’ve left all your Christmas gift shopping way too late (again)! But fear not: I see you, I feel you, and I’m here to help!

Even though it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, trying to find the perfect christmas gift can feel more horrifying than fillled with joy – Especially if it’s gifts for our friends, family and the people we love and cherish the most in our lives. We want to find gifts that feel sentimental, and make amazing people feel thought about and cared for in the way they deserve! But it can be daunting hunting down gifts which are practical, perfect and will genuinely bring more happiness into our loved ones lives every day, not just get put on a shelf after Christmas day.

Which is why I’ve compiled this list of the BEST intentional and thoughful gifts you could buy for Entrepreneurs in 2023. Get your Amazon Prime at the ready, and be prepared to win Christmas with the perfect gifts your entreprenurial best friends will love!

Stylish Laptop Handbag (39$)

Why settle for a handbag or a laptop sleeve, when you can have both in one! This gorgeous, vegan leather handbag is built for an entrepreneur who loves to work from their local coffee shop or travels with hand luggage – It’s padded and perfectly sized to fit your laptop, has multiple pockets and compartments for notebooks and pens and even has a USB charging port which you can attach a power bank to for on-the-go charging!

I love that this bag isn’t just practical, it’s also the most stylish laptop handbag I’ve found (I’d buy it even as a regular handbag, and it looks way more expensive than it is!) and is such a gamechanger for working from cafes and travelling. It’s the perfect gift for letting the entrepreneur in your life know that you’ve thought about their lifestyle and would love to make their day that much easier.

Warm Desk Lamp (29$)

Anybody who spends time on a laptop or works from home knows how lighting is EVERYTHING – Blue light migraines are real, and as an entrepreneuer it’s important that our space is both stylish and functional for our mental and physical health.

Warm lamps are perfect because overhead lighting can sometimes be too jarring, and strong white lighting can also be overwhelming. A warm golden hue sets a peaceful ambience that is easy on the eyes, reduces the chances of headaches and minimizes stress. It’s so much easier to get the work you need to run a business done when the atmosphere you’re in is intentional.

I’ve chosen this lamp because its minimal design is sleek, sophisticated and would look great in any home office or bedroom. And it’s VERY affordable!

Portable Laptop Desk Tray (26$)

Every entrepreneur who can work from home knows the struggle of needing to start work, but not quite having the motivation to get out of bed. A portable laptop desk tray is the perfect solution to cold winter days where leaving the comfort of the bedroom feels just a bit too difficult! It’s also super handy for travelling and needing to work from an airbnb without a desk, or even for anybody who isn’t an entreprenuer but just wants to watch Netflix in bed (If you add this to your cart, no judgement nhere because same!)

Trust me, ANYBODY would be mlore than grateful for this: It’s the definition of practical, and I love that there’s even enough space for a coffee!!

Business Resources/Subscriptions

There are a few subscriptions that almost every entrepreneur needs as a fundamental part of running their business. Often, having these recurring investments can feel daunting because it’s money out without the security of knowing it’lll come back in… But they’re a must if you want to make that money in the first place!

If your friend or family member is in the early stages of setting up their business, website templates and subscriptions would be one of the best gifts you could buy them. It’ll help kickstart their journey, and also make them feel HUGELY supported as it shows them that you’re willing to put money into their dream because you believe it’ll work for them. Truthfullly, I think that sentiment is the best gift any entrepreneur could ever receive from their support system.

Here are a list of some subscriptions that are must-haves in my business, and would be incredible investments for anybody looking to grow a business online:

ShowIt Website Subscription – To host a beautiful, client-converting website… A must-have!

Flodesk Subscription – To build a mailing list of dream clients

Canva Subscription – For creative business assets, social media posts and more!

A Stunning, Client-winning Website Template (395$)

Even more fundamental than subscriptions is a stunning, highly converting website that opens up new business avenues and ways to reach potential clients. Without a fully-optimized website that’s both stunning and user friendly, it’s hard for any entrepreneur to get their business dreams off the ground.

Perfect for both professional entrepreneurs and women who are new to business, these website templates are fully-customizable yet require no web building experience to get them up and running. They’re some of the most stylish and fashion-forward Showit templates on the market, and if your friends think you associate their business with these designs they’ll get the biggest confidence boost!

Trust me when I say if your friend is an entrepreneur they’ve definitely seen these templates on Pinterest and have them on their wishlist – They’re viral for a reason.

Noise Cancelling Over Ear Padded Headphones (52$)

Yes… You read that right, noise cancelling headphones for under 200$!! This is SUCH a steal and I can’t believe I found these (walk don’t run before they sell out!) – It’s definitely a BOSE dupe!

Noise cancellling headphones are a MUST for anybody who works in public. My favorite thing about these headphones is that they come in so many stylish colors, so not only are you showing your entrepreneur friend that you’re thinking about their lifestyle, you can also pick the perfect match for their personality so it feels like a personalized gift, too!

Electronic gifts are always the star of Christmas, so if you’re looking for a real showstopping gift that lets your friend know how much they mean to you (they never have to know they were only 50$!)

Loop Earplugs (24$)

Trust me when I say that the BEST gift on the planet for an entrepreneur would be 8 hours of unbroken, deep sleep and this is the closest thing money can buy for that dream!

One of the biggest problems we deal with as entrepreneurs is late nights and lack of sleep (our heads are always racing with ideas and anxiety!) so sleep aid gifts are always going to be practical and appreciated. This gift would be especially perfect for a mama entrepreneur or somebody living in a central city, too!

I don’t know how the loops do it better than regular earplugs (Science!?) but I’ve tried these earplugs and they’re SO quiet I almost felt like i was in deep space… Honestly, the dream!

Massage Voucher (50-150$)

When you run a business, it becomes even harder to justify spending money on ourselves because we’re aware of all the other places we ‘should’ be putting that money instead (the same thing goes for if you’re a Mama with a family to look after). But self care is SO important, because our work suffers if we aren’t in a good headspace or are feeling under the weather.

A spa treatment, massage voucher or pamper day is such a perfect and practical gift, because it lets that special person know that you see them and their struggles. It shows them that they’re deserving of being treated, and there’s no better feeling than being acknowledged and looked after by your besties. Trust me when I say giving somebody permission to treat themselves goes a LONG way.

Flared Yoga Pants (Lululemon dupes!) (25$)

One of the main reasons we choose to start our entrepreneurial journeys is to have a work life balance, which often means being able to work out and go to the gym. These viral leggings are blowing up because they’re perfect for both everyday life (running errands, lounging at home or working from coffee shops) AND working out.

They’re ideal for an entrepreneur because it means you don’t have to carry multiple outfits in your bag when you leave to go to work. They’re super flattering, but also durable and practical. It’s a great way to optimie space AND look absolutely gorgeous!

Coffee Warmer/Reheating Pad (26$)

So I did NOT know these existed before I started writing this guide, but I feel like my life has been changed (and I definitely hit ‘add to cart’ faster than I ever have before!). I think this would be the ultimate gift to blow any entrepreneur’s mind… It feels like witchcraft.

A coffee warming pad means your morning brew never goes cold, which is perfect for somebody like an entreprenuer or Mama who is constantly running errands and is forgetful! This would have a huge benefit on somebody with ADHD too, and generally just makes life a lot easier (because nothing is more grounding than a nice hot coffee).

Hot and Iced Coffee Maker (36$)

On the subject of coffee, I thought i’d add this hot and cold coffee maker because it’s an absolute steal at less than 40$! It’s 2023, and nobody has time to brew coffee anymore, especially not an entrepreneur on the go. If there’s somebody in your life who identifies as a coffee-lover but doesn’t own their own machine yet, you’re about to change their whole world.

Money-saving gifts are great for entrepreneurs, because we’re constantly having to make investments and looking for ways to save dollars. The extra 5$ a day from at home coffee instead of store-bought adds up to 1500$ over the year which we can put into our business and relieve some money stress. A practical and thoughtful gift!

Soap Making Kit (AKA a Best-friend date night in a box!) (58$)

I’m always the most in love with gifts from my friends that create an experience we can share together, because those memories are what matter to me the most (that’s often why people start their own business, so they can have more time to do things outside of a tranditional 9-5!)

Something like a DIY kit paired with their favorite bottle of wine, packaged with a card proposing a night in doing the activity together would be such a perfect gift – It shows that you really value somebody’s company, and see that they deserve to take time off and relax. I can’t imagine a more fun way to spend the holiday season than having a night in with the people I love!

Mindset-Boosting Business Books (5-20$)

Success in business is all about mindset, so some of the best tools you can buy are business books (or audio books if you don’t have time to sit and read!). They’re amazing at boosting confidence, sharing practical advice and giving you the motivation to keep going. The lessons you learn are also great for helping you create and write content for social media that opens up conversations and shares wisdom with your followers for engaging, clickable posts. They’re a goldmine!

These are some of my favorites:

She Means Business by Carrie Green

How are you, really? by Jenna Kutcher

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Higher Self Habits by Alessia Citro – Pre-order for amazing bonuses and extra gifts!

Happy gift-giving!

To explore my full range of best-selling templates for Showit websites and Canva templates for Instagram (aka the best gifts for entrepreneurs and small business owners!) click here to visit my shop! And for more design-lead knowledge and inspiration, Sign up for my email list (And I’ll send you a free template as a thank-you gift, too!) and follow me on Instagram.)

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