3 Client-Winning Trends of 2023 & how they can work for you

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You’re going to want to bookmark this because it’s the MOST important advice you’ll read all day.

Here’s what’s coming up in 2023, and what you can do to stay on top of it.

01. Viva Magenta

You know the company Pantone? Not many people know, but they have a ‘color of the year’ and this year it’s viva magenta!

Why is it important? Because vivid magenta is the opposite of the neutral colors that have dominated in recent years, which means that boho trends are over and quirky, striking designs are in. I’m not saying you should rebrand with hot pink, but it’s great to be mindful of how relevant your current design palette is.

(This is why I love templates – you can rebrand in the space of an afternoon!)

02. Social Media will become a customer service tool

This isn’t just for big companies!

Stop focusing your Instagram content on selling, and start using it for connection. Instead of Call to Actions, start finding ways to start conversations instead. Ask questions with your content, spend time replying to comments and starting new DM threads over trying to make Instagram convert for you, because it won’t!

When your audience organically migrates to your website, if they feel they visited from their own free-will they have a higher chance to convert.

03. Automations

We’re busy people and don’t have all day to spend searching for the answers – We want them to come to us.

Pink Showit website template

How can you save your potential clients time and money? Make graphic posts that are straight-up so they don’t have to search for value, and structure your website so it’s straight to the point and easy for them to buy your product with a single click.

Want more tips? Bookmark this post and click the link SHOP WEBSITE TEMPLATES for NEW 2023 website templates (Including ‘Pink Summer’ from this post!) free templates and even more design advice on my blog! ✨

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