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Completely customizable
WIX website templates

Easy-to-use website templates designed to get your website up and running quickly.

Launching your website doesn't have to be soul-sucking. Customize your website in days, not months & start attracting your DREAM clients with ZERO code involved. All done using the easy drag-and-drop editor.

How it works


Create a WIX account

Go to wix.com and create a free or paid account


Purchase the template

Purchase the template and provide the email address associated with your WIX account at checkout


Accept the transfer

You will receive an email from WIX within 24 hours. Accept the website transfer.


Start editing & launch your dream site!

The template will be added to your Wix account as a new site that belongs to you, ready to customize.

Shop the collection

Wix website template

Portland | Editorial & Creative

For graphic designers & photographers

Wix website template

Sunrise | Bohemian

For photographers & portfolios

Wix website template

Kristen | High Impact

For coaches & podcasts

Wix website template

Aurora | Boho & Editorial

For photographers or artists

Wix website template

Social | Funky & Fun

For virtual assistants & social marketing

Wix website template

Jenna | Neutral

For realtors & designers

Wix website template

Boss Babe | Minimal & Boho

For all boss babes!

Wix website template

Hannah | Bright & Chic

For photographers and/or coaches

Wix website template

Socials | Minimal & Editorial

For graphic designers, writers & marketing

Wix website template

Salt & Water | Boho & Luxury

For salons & services menu

Wix website template

Moody | Dark & Whimsical

For photographers & portfolios

Wix website template

Inspire | Boho & Luxury

For event planners & interior designers

Wix website template

Girl Boss | Feminine & Timeless

For all girl bosses!

Wix website template

Wellness | Minimal & Organic

For health coaches & wellness shops

Wix website template

Sunshine | Bright & Feminine

For podcasts & coaches

Wix website template

Sales Funnel | Clean & Modern

For everyone


Can I change the colors?

Yes all the colors can be changed

Is WIX free to use?

Yes, WIX has a free version. You will be able to make your edits and post your site, but you will need to pay to remove the banner.

Why WIX?? I heard it sucked!

WIX is hands-down the easiest website platform to make changes & design your website on. It got a bad reputation when it first came out, but since then it has grown into an awesome platform with tons of features and apps to do almost anything your website will ever need. I highly recommend them for anyone starting a business for ease of use and cost-effective solutions.

Doesn't WIX have FREE templates?

Yes! WIX offers free templates from their website, but most of them are very "corporate" looking and not as robust & they are not custom designed like the templates I make. You have to spend a lot more time adding pages & customizing one of their "free" templates then you would when you purchase one that is built with your content & business needs in mind!

I am not familiar with WIX, can I still use these templates?

Yes, you can view my video tutorials about how to use the WIX templates. They are easy to follow.

Can you customize my site for me?

Yes! Theme customization is great if you just don't want to deal with customizing the template on your own. Please see the "Mini Brand & Website" option under the Services tab on my website.

Can I export the content from my old WIX site into my new WIX site?

No, this is not an option with WIX sites. This will be added to your WIX account as a brand new site, ready to edit.

I have a wix site attached to a domain. How do I transfer it to the template?

Very easily! Use this support link: support.wix.com/en/article/assigning-a-domain-to-your-wix-site Click on: I want to assign a domain that is currently assigned to a different site

I am a website designer - can I use these for my client work?

Absolutely! Please purchase one web designer license per client. So if you re-use the design simply buy it again & I will send you a new fresh transfer. The Web Designer license allows you to remove the footer credit and replace it with your own.


Hi! I'm Melissa, your new bff - Ask me anything!

WIX website options

Love my WIX website templates but Don't have the time, energy or know-how to get it done on your own? No worries - I got you! Hire me for a Mini Brand & Website and I will restyle one of my templates and give you the branding essentials or let me design a totally custom one for you.

Mini Brand & Website

Let me customize one of my existing WIX website templates & give you a mini brand.  Includes a logo, secondary logo, color palette + pattern. This gets you the branding basics to get your business up and running.

Full Custom Design

Love the templates, but would rather have something totally custom made for you? Let's go for it! Includes a custom brand experience + a 6 page custom WIX website built from scratch.

Mini Brand + Website Example

You get a custom designed template of your choice with all the branding essentials to launch your biz.

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