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"My new website has officially gone live. I honestly could not have done it without Superhero Designs. This template was so easy to use, extremely user friendly! Literally everything that you could possibly want in a website is there ready for you to put your own twist to it and make it your own. Thank you Superhero Designs!"

Ruka Armstrong

Wild Hive Photography

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"I really loved working with Melissa and Superhero Design! She was PHENOMENAL with helping to answer questions and even created a blog section for me that the original template didn’t have! The design was beautiful and it was super easy to take it and make it my own! Highly recommend her for your website needs!

Alyssa Rados

"I LOVE the template I got from Melissa at Superhero Designs! It fit perfectly with my style and the vibe I was going for and it was so easy to customize to fit my brand. All of her templates are just gorgeous! And she's so easy and wonderful to work with!"

Kari Riedel

"Are you surprised I used the template I designed for my custom design studio? Of course not! I am not in competition with other designers. I welcome them to 'steal' my website design and start attracting their dream clients"

Melissa Lunt

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