This will be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. After dealing with many startups over the years I know that this is the single most crucial thing you have to get right in the very beginning before you do anything else. This may seem like a walk in the park. I mean you obviously know what it is that your business will do right? Not necessarily. Take some time out and get organized. Make sure you have all the partners on board and moving in one seamless direction. I have seen many times organizations that have too many cooks in the kitchen and no one is driving the train. Without direction, you will crash and burn or spend countless dollars moving in the wrong direction only to have to turn around and start all over from the beginning.

Remember, organization is key. Here is a general guideline of things to do before you get started:

  • List out all the members of the company and the role they will play in developing the brand for the company. Hint – pick a leader
  • Write down all the things your company will offer. Services, products, software, etc. Be sure not to leave the little things out.
  • What is your primary focus for the company?
  • How long do you want to keep the company? 5 – 10 years? Forever?
  • What is the objective of the company? Do you want to grow fast & then sell? Do you want to slowly build up and retire?
  • Will you be selling to the masses or to a niche clientele?
  • Will there be a need for what you are doing 10 years from now or will the company have to evolve and expand?

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