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There is so much more to creating a brand than making a logo look pretty or a package stand out on the shelves. I played a part in creating the branding for Incramint by taking the market research already done and applying a visual brand to communicate the right message and entice someone to purchase the product. Without the research needed or the “reason” behind the creation of the visuals the brand has no substance, no guts, no real value.

Supplements are big business these days and need to communicate a feeling of trust to the consumer. When someone trusts what they are taking will do what it says then you have a real market value on your product. Incramint needed to do just that with their Keto supplement C8 MCT Oil Powder. Their product was fabulous, but it lacked the trust. The idea behind the logo was: “They make nutrition simple. It’s easy to identify how to add and integrate each product into your daily routine and diet.” They streamline nutrition by taking a variety of diets and healthy lifestyles and streamlining it into one brand. Incramint.

This is just the first of many products for Incramint. Look for them at

I did the logo design, business cards, label design, sample pouch design & Wix website design. Contact me if you’d like to work together at and be sure to check out my website